Flashing yellow lights a problem

Have you noticed, as I have, that there is a new fad gaining popularity everywhere on the roads? It involves the use of flashing yellow lights on vehicles that are clearly not engaged in providing emergency services.

For example, the other day I saw a blue, sub-compact car with a sign on its door indicating that it was owned by (let’s call it the “Bradshaw Corporation). It approached me and was poised to make a left hand turn against me and other oncoming traffic.

I could not determine what service Bradshaw Corporation really provided but I had no intention of yielding the right-of-way to the man behind the wheel who had activated his yellow “emergency” light. He looked shocked when I ignored his appeal for the right-of-way.

I know that the absurdity of this gambit knows no bounds: This morning I saw an old, beat-up truck towing a trailer carrying waste metal; its yellow light flashing furiously in warning to everyone that here was someone engaged in serious and possibly dangerous work that necessitated his truck’s precedence over the movement of all other vehicles. Yeah, right!

Let us ignore the yellow-light-users in the future and put an end to this nonsense.