Public deserves to hear debate

My name is James Westover and I am running for supervisor in the town of Johnstown. During the campaign leading up to the Republican primary, there was a great deal of rhetoric and accusations designed to cast a shadow on the qualifications of both Nancy MacVean and myself. The individual who disseminated most of this information is a supporter of my opponent, Jack Wilson. What the public did not hear, and deserves to hear, are not only the qualifications of the two remaining candidates for Johnstown town supervisor, but also their plans to revitalize the economy – for example, Mr. Wilson and I differ on how to bring prosperity back to Fulton County – and address quality-of-life issues; not only for town of Johnstown residents, but those of Fulton County as well.

I therefore challenge Mr. Wilson to a public debate to discuss the issues that face our community, and how as town supervisor we would address the concerns that affect our community.

I would also like to thankfully acknowledge the support of the current Supervisor Nancy MacVean, as well as our town Clerk Nancy Hart. Their endorsement of my campaign is greatly appreciated.


Town of Johnstown