Ponticello eyes part in city’s rebirth

My name is Mike Ponticello, and I am a candidate for 5th Ward supervisor in Gloversville.

I was elected and served as the 5th Ward supervisor from 2012 to 2014. I am again asking you to allow me that opportunity. I have lived in and owned the same home for 25 years in the 5th Ward. I am a taxpayer just like you.

I presently serve volunteer organizations such as: The Gloversville Housing Authority, The Gloversville Public Library Foundation, The CRG Micro Enterprise Grant Committee and the Gloversville senior center. I have volunteered as a coach and board member of both The Gloversville Little League and The Gloversville Little Huskies.

I have a strong allegiance to our community and our ward.

As your supervisor, I supported many initiatives that are coming to fruition. Two in particular are the Smart Waters program, which will be a vital source of revenue for our city, also the Tyron Technology Park, which is presently attracting industry and jobs that will be a benefit for Gloversville.

I am in favor of possible consolidation of government services that may save tax dollars while providing the same level of service to the taxpayers. I would be very active in trying to establish improved housing in our city. The establishment of land banks in certain neighborhoods where a developer would remove the dilapidated housing and build new homes. The benefit would be to attract people to our city looking for this type of housing.

All around us there is industry developing; look at Malta, the Utica area and the Capital District. We need to make ourselves marketable so we can attract this population of people. I feel this will also benefit our Business District, with more people having disposable income to spend money in our city. Then further development of our downtown could take place.

I care very much about Gloversville and our ward. I will work hard with county and city representatives to accomplish these items. We have to have a balance for the young and the old. I want to be part of this renaissance so my children will be proud of their city and want to return. I will serve you with integrity, honesty, and pride. This is you ward and mine.

Please get out and vote Nov. 3.

I would appreciate your support. Please vote Row B.