Parade issues recall reality television

The Classic Image Holiday Parade issue is getting to be very much like a reality television show and not in a good way – this official says this, the parade coordinator says that.

Johnstown businesses are upset. Gloversville businesses are happy. Nice job in putting another wedge between an already divided community.

That being said, I can totally understand combining the parade with other events in Johnstown. Doing this would save money. I do not know if the money collected for registration goes back to the city, but it did not appear so by the previous articles. We still are not sure why or what is done with that money, but that’s for someone else to look into. It would be nice to have the parade on the same night as the Colonial Stroll. It would tie the events together and really be a nice evening out for families and also benefit merchants. I get that moving the parade is going to be a benefit for Gloversville. It does seem odd to me the way that this series of events unfolded.

The bottom line is it will be a good thing for Gloversville and the downtown merchants. Too bad someone didn’t think to rotate the parade between the two cities.