Horse manure complaints pile up

Regarding Daryl Kosinski’s letter to the editor, published Sept. 27: Yes, Mr. Kosinski, there are a number of people who have complained to me, but, for whatever reason, they don’t want to get involved concerning the Amish and their horse manure.

There are times when I have to step on the manure in order to reach my mailbox. When they leave their manure in front of my driveway and a car drives through it, it throws bits and pieces all over the driveway. There have been occasions when I’ve had to wash the car tires off so as not to take the manure into the garage.

If I wanted my garage (which is attached to my house) to smell like a horse barn, I’d get a horse.

Furthermore, the Amish do not pay for inspection, registration, licenses or gas tax to use their “vehicles” on the roads. They can also use their metal tires but we have to take the studs off our tires each spring. Those of us who have vehicles, are paying for everything. The manure can become quite slippery when it gets wet and could cause an accident.