Darren Smith the best pick for sheriff

After meeting with both candidates for Fulton County sheriff, listening to their future plans if elected, and after careful consideration, I have decided to support Darren Smith to be the next sheriff of Fulton County.

Darren Smith is an active law-enforcement officer and court-security officer and has recent experience with corrections. His opponent has no recent active law-enforcement experience. Darren Smith is a currently certified police officer, since 1999, while I find no evidence that his opponent holds the same current credentials.

I believe Darren Smith’s recent active law-enforcement experience makes him the better candidate for the job.

I know as a current chief of police that your past experiences and perceptions as an active law-enforcement officer are instrumental to gaining knowledge about decision-making and law enforcement practices you will employ as the head of any law- enforcement agency. The position of the chief law-enforcement officer of any agency is a profession and not a hobby. I believe there is very little if any substitution for recent law-enforcement experience and training. I believe we need someone with recent law-enforcement experience to run the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

Although Darren Smith is relatively unknown to some people, I’m glad I took the time to get to know him and listen to what he stands for.

Please join me in getting to know and voting for Darren Smith to be your next Fulton County sheriff. I believe he is the candidate who wants the job for all the right reasons.


Gloversville police chief