Consolidate services to help city’s seniors

As another election year approaches, I find myself in a difficult position. As a registered Democrat, I have seen what happens when one party controls city and county politics for too long.

Greg Young?- a Democrat, seeking re-election as 5th Ward supervisor in Gloversville – came to my house and I told him I always support Democratic candidates, as so few of them are elected in our area.

As I write this letter, I am forced to realize the candidate who is most likely to understand my needs is Michael Ponticello, the Republican candidate for 5th?Ward supervisor.

Now in my mid-60s, I realize that as city, county and school taxes continue to rise, the value of my home and property decline proportionately. We can no longer continue “policies as usual” if Gloversville is to thrive or even survive.

We must consolidate public services such as police, fire, highway and public works in order to entice new businesses and residents to our area and therefore help seniors in the city get a fair price for their homes and properties when it comes time for them to down-size and retire.