Insights acquired from hospital stay

On May 4, I was being transported home from the hospital via taxicab from Amsterdam. As we were driving back to Gloversville, I initiated a conversation with one of the most excellent drivers for the business. He was a young man, probably in his 30s, who was, in my impression of him, very wise. I realized from that conversation how foolish I was for a man of 56. I began speaking about my 31 college credits I earned and the high school Regents diploma I received from Gloversville High School in 1978. I turned to him and asked about the college he attended.

He told me, if I recall correctly, about the engineering courses he took, but the wisest thing he stated was, “I’ve been to the school of hard knocks.”

I pondered about that statement and I came to the conclusion – here is a very wise man. Here I was, separated from my wife of 25 years for a four-day hospitalization in Amsterdam. We came back together, or were reunited, but I learned something about people from my hospital stay.

Let me share with my readers these insights:

1. People come from all walks of life with different degrees of adversity and problems. Some of those problems may be relational, psychological, emotional or habits they cannot overcome that make them susceptible to socially inappropriate behavior such as alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.

2. Life’s problems make us more compassionate for others when we have experienced what they have experienced.

3. People all have an innate need to be loved. We have an innate need to be accepted.

4. I’ve seen people who are sheltered from the evils of the world.

5. When we want to just be listened to and understood, we can meet up with hateful people who have, should I say, “tuned us out.”

Finally, I’ve learned the lesson that there are indeed caring people who, with big hearts and a love for others, will go, as Christ Jesus stated, the extra mile to aide you, care for you, and love you like my caregiver, Robyn. Thank you, Robyn, for your profound love for me.

I realized that when you stated, “John, I am worried about you,” and to my wife, Eileen, who loves me more than anything else. She too worried and prayed for me intensely. Thank you, Eileen, my love.

In summation, God disciplines us for our own benefit. God brings adversity so we will learn wisdom.