Former teachers deserve a hug

This is a tribute to Anita Moore Ashelman, who passed on ahead of us on May 16.

Anita was a perfect example of the majority of educators who each school day greet their students with love and with the dedication of meeting them at their intellectual and emotional state of development and taking them to higher levels. This was the solid prekindergarten, kindergarten and first-grade foundation she built for their future years of education.

The outstanding expressions of gratitude given by the children to her were the daily hugs they bestowed upon Anita as they left her classroom to return to their families. Anita’s dedication, affection and hard work will benefit these youngsters their entire lives – none of it will see an end.

In closing, may I suggest that if you come across a former, valued teacher that you reintroduce yourself (over the years, educators cannot possibly recall every student’s name), offer a handshake or, even better, maybe that grateful hug.