Treasure peace of nature

When seated underneath a canopy of leafy branches reaching out from towering, full-grown trees, one will immediately experience the peace and contentment that’s connected with nature.

Compare this environment with today’s constant, raucous mix of television violence, computer game mania, wholesale drug addiction, etc., served up as a daily fare for our children. It becomes all too obvious how important the benefits will be after youngsters are introduced to the wonders of cultivating plants, and planting and growing trees, shrubs and gardens.

Once children are regularly involved with various nature-based activities, they develop healthier eating habits, have increased positive attitudes and turn in higher science achievement test scores.

If the constant human protection that’s vitally needed is not forthcoming, forests and grasslands that various wildlife species rely upon for survival, related ecosystems and our very own environment will disappear forever from the face of the Earth.

For these reasons, the nonprofit programs protect what we already have, and church youth conservation advocates’ initiatives are being introduced to faith-based communities throughout the northeastern corridor states from Maine to Florida. They focus on encouraging today’s youth to become responsible, fully knowledgeable, dedicated future guardians of the natural legacies God has bestowed upon mankind.