Get involved with PTA

The school year is approaching in a few weeks, and there is great anticipation that this year is going to be very “different” than past years with increasing performance standards for teachers as well as students. This change could possibly create much stress for everyone, from administrators, teachers, students and parents.

As a parent of children who attend Mayfield elementary and high school, I evaluated ways I could better work with everyone involved in this tough time. Because everything is very structured in school, kids need activities that promote positive, fun experiences that can decrease the amount of stress in their lives; the PTA can help with this. Please support the PTA by attending meetings, volunteering to chair events or even just bringing your children to the activities the PTA coordinates.

I decided this year I wanted to become very active in the PTA by becoming PTA vice president of school activities. The first few weeks of school you may get many papers home. Please take special notice of the letter from the PTA.

Your involvement in any way is greatly appreciated, because without everyone’s involvement, it makes these hard times even harder.