Some ingredients unhealthy

I’d like to commend Mr. Bradley Yerdon for writing his letter to the editor, published May 21, alerting the public to the dangers of consuming foods containing harmful ingredients and additives. His information is based on facts.

In addition to those he cited, I’d like to add a comment made by a heart surgeon that was made at a conference I attended about trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oil). His exact words were, “They are killers. They will clog up your arteries.” Enough said. Check ingredients listed – not the claims made – and you will be stunned how many foods contain this stuff.

Also, know most diet sodas and drinks, diet candies, even sugarless gum are made with aspartame, acesalfame or similar toxic additives. You may believe you will lose weight using products with this stuff in it, while actually you may be losing your health.