More pressing issues in city than mileage

After reading a recent article concerning Gloversville Mayor Dayton King’s lack of filing mileage after using a city vehicle, I am compelled to share some thoughts.

There is no condoning the mayor’s lack of filing the information per the bylaws, but there are more pressing issues to address.

I would prefer to have my mayor focusing his time and attention on ways to combat blight in the city, getting abandoned properties back on the tax roll, addressing slum landlords’ care and maintenance of their properties and, most importantly, working on ways to attract new business to the area.

I say for a mayor who makes less than $40,000 a year, just give him a vehicle to use up to 12,000 miles a year to do his job the way he sees fit.

The council should set politics aside and work together as a team to improve the quality of life in Gloversville.

My thoughts do not address whether the mayor is a good mayor or not, but rather address the notion that you get what you pay for – as well as the need to focus on the big picture and not the petty issues.

The community will judge the mayor’s performance at election time.

To the people who think the mileage is such big issue: Get in line to be mayor.