Many wonderful events in Caroga Lake

If you missed the laughter and the tears, rest assured there were generations of them to be shared.

On May 25, businesses owners in Caroga Lake and volunteer residents succeeded in bringing Sherman’s Park alive as we kicked off another summer in our beautiful town. This event featured the annual flower sale and craft show and this year was expanded to include a barbecue, live music and the re-opening of the carousel thanks to the support of George and Ruth Abdella.

The event was held to support the Wheelerville School Green House program and to raise funds to bring fireworks to Caroga Lake in July.

We cannot begin to thank every individual who helped plan and hold this event.

We would like to give a special thank you to the carousel operators, town Supervisor Ralph Ottuso and Bill Morris Jr., who we are sure are still hearing the wonderful sound of the music so many of us remember. I am not sure any of us knew the emotional power in the ringing of that little bell.

Thank you to the army of volunteers who helped to clean, polish and prepare the park for the big day. It is hard to decide which generation enjoyed themselves more – the generation with the memories or the generation enjoying the balloons and cotton candy. There is no question that everyone who attended enjoyed the day.

The event calendar is Caroga Lake is filling up. Father’s Day we hosted a fishing tournament on East and West Caroga Lake. Join us on July 13 for a Civil War encampment and ice cream social at the Caroga Historical Museum and our first annual Caroga Block Party with fireworks at Sherman’s Park.

Summer is here, and we are just getting started.


Caroga Lake Chamber of Commerce