Exotic cats belong in wild

I have read several letters to the editor regarding a local person keeping wild/exotic cats.

Quite simply put, these cats should be left in their native habitat to live, hunt, breed and unfortunately die at times when killed by other wild animals. They were never meant to be domesticated or kept as pets, caged up, prevented from living as they were meant to live.

Just because they may not lunge at the owner does not mean they are happy. What are they supposed to do – they have no way to get out, to be free as they should be. They are held prisoner by a human. Like a prisoner they are forced to adapt; they have no other choice.

The facility may be clean and the animals well fed, this not the love of an animal but the selfishness of a human being to have what they want.

Less than 400 of the estimated 5,000 to 7,000 captive tigers in the U.S. are held at facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The remaining tigers and many other big cats are primarily at unaccredited breeding facilities, poorly run roadside zoos, traveling zoos, pseudo-sanctuaries, and private menageries where the greatest risk of fatal attacks or injuries are likely to occur.


Zebulon, N.C.