Community came together to assist search

On May 24 and the weeks following, this small community that we serve and love came together in an amazing way.

We would like to thank everyone for their dedication and efforts in response to the horrific plane crash that claimed the lives of John Campbell and Frank and Evelyn Amerosa.

Thank you to: the state forest rangers with special thanks to John Ploss and Lt. Steve Preston; the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office with special thanks to Sgt. Martin Kested; Fulton County Coroner Margaret Luck; Fulton County Fire Coordinator’s Office; Ambulance Service of Fulton County; JAVAC; Fulton County EMS coordinator; Montgomery County Emergency Management Office; Montgomery County Fire Coordinator’s Office; the state police, dive and aviation teams; state EnCon officers; state Search Federation; town of Ephratah supervisor’s office and Highway Department; the FAA; and the NTSB.

Last but certainly not least, many thanks to all of the fire departments in Fulton and Montgomery counties who responded – without you, this task would have been impossible.

Also, thank you to the many people who donated food and drinks. There are too many to individually list. Because of your generosity, we were able to take excellent care of the people who gave tireless hours to the search and recovery effort. Special thanks to everyone at Granny’s Ice Cream Shanty.

If we have omitted anyone, you have our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

As chief of the Rockwood-Garoga-Lassellsville Volunteer Fire Company, I am so proud of our members. Even though we are a small, rural department, you responded to this situation in the professional, dedicated way you respond to all our calls. Thank you for serving this wonderful community with me.

MARK SOUZA, chief, Rockwood-Garoga-Lassellsville Volunteer Fire Company