Better to work with people to boost city

In reply to the recent letter to the editor about bureaucracy in our city, I must say one would have to agree with some of the issues he brought up.

These industrial parks were built to bring revenue to our communities, but the governments don’t think far enough ahead to accommodate the truckers who are delivering or taking items from them.

Without the truckers, where would we be? Bathroom facilities or pull-offs would be ideal for them, but the city of Johnstown doesn’t seem to mind spending thousands of dollars for fencing, or putting in special parking areas for residents when the property isn’t owned by the residents. Every city-owned property that ends up as an empty lot is being used by random residents as their own parking areas.

If more people would attend and contribute to our Common Council meetings, maybe the individuals who are in charge at City Hall would think before some of their decisions are made.

Of course, if you owe any back taxes, don’t expect to ask questions and receive an answer. You are not entitled to an answer.

Yes, it is easier for the city to take businesses out or people out of their homes than to work with them.

Just saying: Isn’t it better to work with the people and the individuals like the truckers who help make this community?