Don’t funnel money in

Middle Eastern nations clearly are ground zero for Islamic terrorism. But it is a plague in other regions, too.

On Sunday, Boko Haram terrorists staged attacks in two villages in northeast Nigeria. At least 15 people were killed. More than 80 were wounded.

It could have been worse. Nigerian troops were present in the nearby large city of Maiduguri, where the militants tried a third assault. Soldiers killed six Boko Haram gunmen and seven would-be suicide bombers.

During the past decade, Boko Haram has slaughtered more than 20,000 people in Nigeria. The organization’s goal is to use terror to force Nigerians to adopt Shariah law.

Some progress has been made in hunting down and destroying Boko Haram cells. Clearly, however, the fanatics remain a danger.

Simply funneling more U.S. aid into Nigeria to help defeat Boko Haram would not be wise. Corruption continues to be a factor in local and national governments. But with adequate safeguards to ensure our money is spent as intended, more U.S. assistance to battle the terrorists should be considered. Eliminating Islamic terrorist groups ought to be a U.S. priority wherever they are found.