Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — To the Fulton County Democratic Committee and Ed Jasewicz for the political forum they organized at Johnstown’s Holiday Inn. It was held to introduce the candidates seeking the 21st Congressional seat now held by Elise Stefanik. The event was well-attended and extremely well-organized and it was good to see that people still came out for the event even though the weather was not on its best behavior. Additionally, the questions were thoughtful and relevant and the candidates well-spoken and prepared. Making it even better were its moments of surprise. Kudos to an event well done.

CHEERS — To local first responders and Emergency Management for staying pro-active in an effort to prevent tragedies due to Mother Nature. With several sources available for immediate alerts, Montgomery County Emergency Management keeps residents aware of road closures, ice jams and flooding, among other lesser issues. They stay active in monitoring trouble spots and water levels, as well as watching the river with ice jams holding back water at all hours of the day and night just to ensure the safety of area residents. We are fortunate to have such a good team here in Montgomery County.

JEERS — To former Gloversville Housing Authority residents who have skipped out on past due rent and damages caused during their residency. Not every municipality is lucky enough to have rent-subsidized housing available and it takes a lot to keep these rental spaces going so area residents who have financial challenges can have affordable housing. The organizations responsible for keeping them available are rarely able to keep their financial heads above the water and for tenants to skip the debt costs taxpayers even more. The GHA has hired a collection firm to try and collect the more than $8,000 owed. If the firm is not successful in its collections, the GHA will have to write the debts off as lost revenue, which hurts everyone in the long run.