Trump should listen

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to attack the United States with nuclear missiles, and is testing rockets meant for that purpose. U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to retaliate, should such an assault occur.

So, who’s the bad guy? Who’s the dangerous, unhinged threat to peace?

Why, Trump, of course, say many of his detractors, both here and abroad.

Talk about insane. Viewing Kim in any way as the offended party in the war of words makes no sense. But, such is the hatred of Trump in some quarters, that is the case.

Once again during the weekend, Trump said he is open to negotiations regarding North Korea’s arms buildup. “Sure, I always believe in talking,” the president told reporters.

Trump pointed to discussions between North Korean and South Korean officials about the possibility of athletes from the former country attending the Winter Olympics in the South. “It’s a start. It’s a big start,” he noted.

Of course, it may be the start only of another round of dishonest talks Pyongyang uses frequently to buy time to develop new weapons. But in view of Trump’s public relations challenge, it is something U.S. officials should promote and participate in — if a reasonable opportunity presents itself.