Just a little change for a good cause

It is a familiar sight this time of year. A kettle suspended from a tripod in front of our local markets and department stores while a Salvation Army Red Kettle volunteer braves the cold and rings a bell.

The Salvation Army provides help to those who need it all year, whether it is us, our next door neighbor or someone halfway across the country. To make that help possible, the organization needs your help with its Red Kettle Campaign.

The annual Red Kettle Campaign is this area’s most important fundraiser for the Salvation Army. In Fulton County, 100 percent of the funds raised here, stay here, providing emergency rent assistance, emergency housing, food, clothing, utility assistance and medical expense help.

One way to help, is to spread holiday cheer while ringing a bell next to one of the Salvation Army’s red kettles. Lts. Mark and Ann Marie Devanney of the Gloversville Salvation Army are running the local Red Kettle campaign, and as always, volunteers are needed.

Ann Marie Devanney said the organization can “accommodate anyone’s hours or schedule” so that no one person would have to do an entire shift and that there are several area locations including Walmart, Price Chopper and even a location in Northville to man.

Another way to help is to drop some change from your shopping trip into the kettle. If every one who lives in Fulton County donated $1.15 to the Red Kettle campaign, Lt. Devanney said the Gloversville Salvation Army would meet this year’s goal of $60,000.

As we go about our holiday business this year, let’s all try to do our part to set aside some change or, better yet, some folding money for the red kettles.

What better way to make a month of holiday cheer last all year long?