Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS – To former Canajoharie resident Chad Michael Collins for taking time to visit the school he attended in his teens to inspire students to reach for the stars.

Collins eventually landed in Hollywood where he made his mark, having a lead role in ‘Sniper,’ along with roles in more than 25 television and film appearances including “Blue Bloods,” “2 Broke Girls” and “NCIS.”

Collins, noting that he had “sat in the same seats as [these students are] 20 years ago,” encouraged the students to reach for their dreams, no matter how far off they may seem.

“I hope they take away that no matter what they want to do, no matter where they want to go, it is possible,” Collins said.

By taking time from his schedule to revisit his school and the students sitting in those seats today, Collins showed the teens their dreams are possible.

CHEERS – To Lts. Mark and Ann Marie Devanney of the Gloversville Salvation Army and all the individuals and businesses that helped make their annual toy drive campaign a success. Hundreds of local children will wake up Christmas morning to gifts under their tree while without the dedication of everyone involved, there may not have been anything.

One individual even donated enough bikes for every child that had requested one on their wish list. On top of the gifts, the organization also provided the families with everything they would need to make a Christmas dinner.

While the meaning of Christmas goes beyond Santa Claus and toys, the joy of being able to make your child’s Christmas special is priceless. By helping ease the burden for parents who are less fortunate, these wonderful souls have also given a gift to the parents and caregivers of these children. Thank you.

CHEERS — To all the people who will show up for work on Christmas Day while the rest of us huddle at home enjoying the holiday in one fashion or another.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the holiday off. If this wintery weather continues, state and local department of transportation and public works departments will be out plowing and salting our roads so we can make it to “grandmother’s house”; others will be brewing our coffee at the local restaurant or convenience store; while nurses and doctors, police and emergency personnel will be seeing to our safety and well-being. If you see someone who is working on that day, be sure to thank them for making our day a little easier and safer.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!