Cheers and Jeers

CHEER – To the winners in the Tri-County area for being awarded $9 million in funds from the state’s Regional Economic Development Council initiative.

Big winners include the historic Northville 5 and 10, Fonda for a new waterfront park and Amsterdam for a new hotel. Gloversville also scored in the awards, getting $850,000 in total to address some of the sewer issues that plagued the city this past year.

Fort Plain will receive $345,000 for the Friends of Fort Plain Inc. to do rehabilitation work on the historic Diefendorf Hall, while two historic structures — one in Fort Plain and the other in Canajoharie — will begin to see restoration with Mohawk Valley Collective being awarded $500,000.

The efforts put out by every agency, municipality, county or organization shows that if you put in the time to do the legwork and necessary paperwork, benefits may be reaped.

CHEER – To the Northville mentoring program that helps build community responsibility and accountability, while establishing a mentor relationship to help students grow intellectually and emotionally.

The “advisory” groups are similar to a homeroom, except six to seven students of the same age and grade group are put together with a faculty member as an advisor. The groups discuss specific topics or participate in projects, such as recently making Christmas cards for area veterans.

The assigned groups remain together starting in middle school through graduation, allowing some time for learning and fun, while building solid relationships.

The sessions do not deter from classroom time — they are 27 minutes long and the time is accumulated from ending each class three minutes earlier.

“We wanted to do this so students can start to havemore of a mentor relationship with someone they normally wouldn’t have that relationship with,” said school prinicpal Kyle McFarland.

And having that mentor can help. Students who are struggling at home or at school with either personal or academic issues, may open up easier to someone they have had a mentoring relationship with quicker than a regular teacher or school counselor.

CHEER — To Caroga Supervisor Beth Morris and clerk Joanne Young for finding the missing $307,000 check, along with several other, smaller checks.

But, JEERS to the 2015 administration that put the check down so that it was “misplaced” and the non-deposit of the money going unnoticed until Young and Morris went on a hunt for the missing funds.

Let’s hope incoming supervisor, James Selmser, takes note and keeps a vigil eye on how his administration is running.