Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — To the men and women who gathered Thursday at the Broadalbin Inn to sign more than 1,000 cards to go to troops deployed overseas.

The group met last year and signed more than 1,000 cards, a goal Sacandaga Community Preparedness Team president Dave Bardascini said they are looking to top this year.

The holiday cards are a welcome gift to our troops so far away from home, especialy when kids take the time to write a greeting and sign the card with love in their hearts.

“These guys are doing what they never did for us in Vietnam,” Brian Burrell, a Vietnam vet (1965-66) from Hagaman, said. “They are basically doing what was never done for us. It is unbelievable. They got me involved in doing the cards.”

Bravo to all who participated.

CHEERS – To the city of Gloversville to take a step to preserve four major buildings downtown. The city had turned down the offer of a building last year from Two Great Guys. But, with the partial collapse of one of the buildings, something bolder needed to be done or the downtown faced either extreme blight or gaping holes in the center of Main Street.

The owner has expressed his desire to get out from underneath the mammoth responsibility that comes with large, aging structures for more than two years now. While he paid for the demolition of the rear of one of the buildings that collapsed earlier this year, he has not, and probably never will invest another penny in the buildings.

By partnering with the CRG to market the buildings, the city has a better opportunity to possibly have someone step in and make something of the remaining three. The collapsed building will see the facade shored up, sparing the downtown area from a large open, barren space.

JEER — To the town of Johnstown officials for the pickle of the mess it is in with taxes. While officials were able to whittle off 40 percent of a 100 percent increase in taxes, a 60 percent increase is still too much. Many people live paycheck to paycheck and on very strict budgets. An extra expense anywhere could mean the difference between eating and keeping warm.

Officials want to blame a former bookkeeper, who had her own personal issues and was not on top of her game like she should have been. But the bottom line, council members and the supervisors all get a budget each year and if the numbers aren’t adding up, find out why.

While a full-time bookkeeper has been hired, mistakes can happen. The town should have a system of checks and balances and everyone involved should be held accountable.