Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS — To the local first responders — the Gloversville Police Department, local fire departments and EMS — who helped possibly save lives Friday morning when an early morning fire broke out at 25 Grand St. The 3:35 a.m. blaze happened when most people were asleep in their beds. The three occupants in the two-residence home were more than likely awakened by the fire. Police officer Melinda Palmer discovered the blaze while on patrol and found one of the residents outside the home. Alerted there were two other residents in the building, Battalion Chief Brandt Minkler ran to the back of the home where he heard the frantic pounding and screams from the residents trapped behind a door blocked by several large items. He was able to clear away the debris and get the two out, who were suffering from smoke inhalation and possible burns. Firefighters trained their hoses on the home, holding back some flames during the rescue. If it were not for the solid thinking and quick reflexes of everyone involved, the fire Friday morning could have been a greater tragedy.

CHEERS — To the Holiday Inn celebrating 50 years of service to the Johnstown area. For the last half-century, this local establishment has steadfast been an asset to the community, continually investing in improvements and upgrades, providing a source of employment for local residents and a place to stay for out-of-town guests and tourists. Here’s to another 50 more.

CHEERS — To Broadalbin-Perth High School for thinking out of the box when it comes to curriculum. Humanities teachers Dan Simonds and Tony Mucilli came up with a new course for students that takes the lesson plan out of the classroom and away from traditional textbooks and into the field. With the area lying in the foothills of the Adirondacks and some of it actually a part of the Adirondack Park, developing a course that studies the Adirondacks is a smart move. Students recently teamed up with prolific author and pre-K teacher Heidi Sprouse for a field trip to Kane Mountain where the group hiked to the top of the mountain, climbed the former rangers fire tower and visited a former ranger station. Kane Mountain is a locale used in one of Sprouse’s novels and the cabin will be featured in her next about Lake Desolation. Students are out in the fresh air, hiking a trail and learning about the area. That is a nice incentive to become more involved in your hometown area.

JEERS — To the lack of transparency and information following an incident involving a gun at the athletic fields at Johnstown High School Sunday. While the district is to be commended for getting the information on its website Sunday evening immediately following the incident, no actual information was provided to any news outlets until calls were made — and that was very limited. Unless a person has a child in the school and uses the website on a regular basis, knowing a gun was brandished following an argument would have not been known. While the gun was never fired and the police are involved, no other information about the incident is being provided to news sources. Residents have a right to know what is happening in their city and at their schools.