Kim should be removed

President Donald Trump’s administration “clarified” Monday that it is not seeking to remove North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. What a shame.

In reaction to a round of North Korean saber rattling during the weekend, Trump had tweeted that if that nation’s leaders continue to misbehave, “they won’t be around much longer!” That prompted some to speculate the United States is working toward regime change in Pyongyang.

Those can be two very dangerous words, especially when they involved murderous dictators such as Kim. Once they lose their power, they often lose their lives. That can lead them to take desperate measures to remain on top.

As a result, U.S. leaders for many years have avoided talk of regime change in other countries.

Still, if there ever was a dictator who ought to be removed, it is Kim. He and his family have been curses on their land. They are threats to world peace.

So whatever the United States can do to remove Kim should be done –without admitting it, of course.