A half-baked lease deal

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors recently voted to extend Grandma Millie’s Bakery’s lease at the Fulton County Airport for another year and to raise her rent from $250 to $275. This seems like a strange decision to us, given that the bakery has often failed to pay its rent on time and currently owes the county money.

We think it’s a dubious proposition that Grandma Millie’s Bakery will be able to pay the new higher rent given that it struggled with a lower payment. The Fulton County Airport may simply not be a good place to locate for a bakery or restaurant.

Grandma Millie’s Bakery, which rocketed to national fame when it was featured on the TLC show “Bakery Boss,” is getting a great deal for the size of the location at the airport. If the business can’t manage to pay rent as low as $275 per month, its owners may simply not have a viable business plan.

If Grandma Millie’s Bakery continues to fail to pay its rent on time, the Board of Supervisors should stop trying to force a restaurant to exist there and accept bids from any entity that would like to rent the spot, and give it to the highest bidder. If the Board of Supervisors is concerned about providing food for pilots, we suspect a sandwich vending machine could do as good a job and would likely pay its own way, and on time.