Checking ID important

It would seem to be in the best interests of employees and their employers to require all customers to show identification when they are buying alcoholic beverages.

For some reason, that’s not happening. We were reminded of that again last week, when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrests of a dozen people accused of selling alcohol to minors. Over a two-week period, authorities sent a minor into several stores and bars to try to buy alcohol. The ages of those who allegedly sold the alcohol to minors ranged from 28 to 70. They should be old enough to know getting the sale isn’t worth the risk. All of those charged now have to deal with going to court to face a misdemeanor charge.

Business owners and clerks have to be careful. Asking for identification from everyone who buys alcohol should be automatic. People who fail to check ID not only take the chance of being arrested, but also risk liability for whatever trouble or tragedy the minor could end up in. In addition, they jeopardize the safety of the minor and possibly others affected by his behavior.

The prom and graduation season is approaching, and unfortunately, it’s a time minors are tempted to buy alcohol illegally. Students Against Destructive Decisions reports that during the past 30 days, 26.4 percent of underage people used alcohol. SADD?also says 23 percent of teens admit driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and as many as 3 million impaired teen drivers may take to the roads in the next few months. ?Mothers Against Drunk Driving points out car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, and about one-third of those are alcohol-related.

Those statistics should be enough reason for businesses to always ask for proper identification.