Officials consider ‘large loads’ of waste at landfill

To balance budget, county eyes waste

JOHNSTOWN — Officials are considering allowing the Fulton County landfill to take in an extra 40,000 tons of so-called “large load” waste from out of the county in 2019 in order to balance the budget.

County Solid Waste Director David Rhodes last week requested the Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee allow taking in up to 60,000 tons of that waste category — an increase from a 20,000 tons ceiling limit allowed in 2018. He said this revenue stream helps balance his department budget.

“This is kind of how things have been crafted around,” Rhodes said.

The Board of Supervisors created a category of “out of county — large load” in 2013. The rate then was set at $40 per ton for loads of 25 tons and over. The category was dropped in 2017, due to the county’s impending landfill expansion project. The category was reinstituted going into 2018, as the project ended, at $45 per ton with a 20,000 per ton ceiling.

Rhodes said tonnages of the large load category prior to the landfill project were: 2014 –143,000 tons; 2015 — 164,000 tons; 2016 — 162,000 tons; and 2017 — 150,000 tons.

“It seems we’re really getting into large quantities of what we’re bringing in from the outside,” county Administrative Officer Jon Stead said.

In other Department of Solid Waste matters:

∫ The committee passed a proposed resolution authorizing contract renewal at $68 per ton with County Waste & Recycling Services Inc. of Clifton Park, which brings its out-of-county sludge to the Fulton County landfill. The firm has disposed industrial sludge material from Keymark in Fonda since 2015. Keymark uses County Waste as its hauler.

The rate was increased from $65 per ton to $68.

Rhodes said that County Waste has expressed a desire to continue the arrangement. Thus far in 2018, Fulton County has netted $174,547 in revenue.

∫ A proposed resolution authorizing a contract renewal with the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency for non-hazardous household batteries was supported. The Fulton County Board of Supervisors in 2010 originally entered into the contract involving A, AA, AAA. C and D batteries collected in Onondaga County.

As of September, a total of 58 tons of batteries were disposed at a rate of $75 per ton. Total revenue has been $4,365.

∫ Supervisors authorized filing out an application for a state grant for a municipal waste reduction/recycling project. County Recycling Coordinator Dianne Woske drafted an application to cover expenditures in 2019, including promotional activities and salary. She requested 50 reimbursement or $64,352 for total project cost of $128,704.

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