Glorioso chooses running mate


AMSTERDAM — Candidate for Montgomery County Sheriff, James Glorioso Jr., announced his choice for jail administrator if elected sheriff.

Glorioso selected Fabrizia Rodriguez, who has a juris doctor degree in law from the University of Massachusetts School of Law, to be jail administrator if he is elected as sheriff, according to a press release.

“Rodriguez’s background and passion align with my vision to create a proactive community-based sheriff’s office,” Glorioso said in a press release. “My commitment is to identify new leadership that will take a fresh unbiased look at the opportunities we are seeing within the office and community, in this case, corrections.”

Glorioso said the corrections unit faces several challenges including employee morale and nepotism, lack of transitional services and programs and policy and procedure oversight. A goal of Glorioso’s is to reduce lawsuits and prevent any further inmate deaths.

Rodriguez currently practices immigration law in Amsterdam. As a law student, she conducted an independent study on juvenile law, specifically analyzing rehabilitative vs. punitive practices in New York state and used those experiences during her time as a substitute teacher at Tryon detention center in Johnstown.

According to the press release, Rodriguez is fluent in Spanish and Italian and is heavily involved in the Hispanic community. She was the director of the Community Development Initiative Program at Centro Civico, leading a NYS Department of Health Program aimed at serving at-risk minority groups of Fulton and Montgomery counties.

Rodriguez has worked closely with NYS Department of Health supervisors to assess, analyze data and develop plans that can be implemented in the county to enhance the quality of health of target groups.

“This is an important quality to help with our diverse population within Montgomery County,” the release states.

Another positions Rodriguez held was director of transportation where she negotiated labor contracts, investigated disputes and incidences, represented the department in state grievances, conducted staff training and implemented federal and state policies and procedures within the department. She has also served as a grant writer in both her roles at Centro Civico and city of Amsterdam.

Glorioso said her skills and experience will be useful in several ways such as helping to identify and prevent future lawsuits; help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Hispanic community; implement new programs to help transition people back into the community to prevent reoccurring incarceration; identify programs to keep kids in school and out of jail; help corrections officers obtain better pay, benefits and amenities.

According to the release, Rodriguez’s vision is to create an atmosphere that is focused on rehabilitation and prevention with inmates, restoring trust with the public all while making sure officers have a safe work environment.

“I have known Fabrizia for about [two] years now and I continue to be impressed by the level of involvement and passion she has for our community,” Glorioso said.