Supervisors propose waiving taxes

Over $5,000 delinquent on three parcels

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County supervisors on Thursday proposed waiving over $5,000 in delinquent taxes on three parcels in the heart of the city of Gloversville.

County Treasurer Terry Blodgett told the Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee that he received a request to waive delinquent taxes on parcels at 20, 22, and 24 S. Main St. in Gloversville.

“I think we’ve reasonably done this on occasion,” said county Administrative Officer Jon Stead. “We’ve done this in some of the towns.”

Blodgett said the properties had been given to the city of Gloversville by the previous owner. Two Great Guys Realty previously talked about turning some of that downtown area into housing such as a hotel and apartment building.

The treasurer noted that the Board of Supervisors previously approved transfer of county-owned properties 12 and 26 S. Main St. to the city. He said all the properties are in a development plan in Gloversville for “future improvements.”

The committee proposed writing off delinquent taxes totaling $5,026 on the three parcels — $1,871 for 24 S. Main St.; $1,710 for 20 S. Main St.; and $1,444 for 22 S. Main St. The full board will vote Sept. 10 on the resolution.

“This is an area where you want to see rehab,” Stead said.

Elsewhere before the committee, Blodgett received approval to run an online real property auction in October to sell remaining county-owned properties from previous auction.

“We have seven remaining properties,” he said. “They’re all empty lots.”

The unsold county properties are: on Hohler Road in the town of Bleecker, Dilleborough Road in the town of Ephratah, Eagan and Welch roads in the town of Johnstown, Dugway Road in the town of Stratford; and on Bloomingdale Avenue and Eagle Street, both in the city of Gloversville.

Committee members approved Blodgett’s request to offer county financial assistance to the city of Johnstown to fight a petition to reduce assessments. Blodgett said the assessment dispute relates to Walmart properties. According to the petition, the Walmart Regional Distribution Facility at the Johnstown Industrial Park has launched a legal battle to get its assessment reduced from $39.5 million to $15.4 million.

At Blodgett’s suggestion, county officials also decided to explore determination of a funding source for a 2018 capita project involving lighting and energy improvements at county buildings.

It was suggested reserves be used, and county Budget Alice Kuntzsch said the county has $1.3 million left in a capital equipment reserve and $1.4 million in a capital improvement reserve. The county also has another $786,000 in tobacco settlement funding that may eventually be put into reserves. County officials said they may close out an old $154,223 reserve repair account and use that for the lighting and energy project.

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