Tryon intersection design to be examined

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency recently voted to conceptually agree to a highway project that officials say will improve traffic flow near the Tryon Technology Park in Perth.

The IDA owns the park, and agency Executive Director James Mraz briefed the IDA board at the Fort Johnstown Annex on the possible restructuring of the intersection of County Highways 107 and 158.

The IDA may be selling Fulton County part of its land in that area to do a project.

“I brought it to their attention,” Mraz said Monday. “I asked them if there would be an issue.”

The intersection of County Highways 107 and 158, by the Tryon Technology Park, is not a traditional “T” intersection. Mraz told the board that the site plan for Tryon identified reconstructing that intersection to be a “T” intersection to better accommodate vehicles using the intersection.

Mraz indicated a proposed project in which the Fulton County’s Highway and Facilities Department is proposing in 2019 to reconfigure this intersection into a “T” intersection. He said this will improve traffic safety at this intersection.

The project will entail some land acquisition. Mraz said the county will need to acquire a piece of land from the IDA in order to reconstruct this intersection. He said the exact amount of land needed will be determined once final design is completed.

The board last week conceptually agreed to the project.

Mraz said county Superintendent of Highways and Facilities Mark Yost is preparing a final layout for the intersection.

He said Yost will have a survey done to define the “exact” IDA parcel that will be needed to sell to the county to bring the project to fruition.

Mraz said the intersection of County Highways 107 and 158 has always needed to be “straightened out,” going back to years when the state owned the Tryon property. But he said the state previously said no to such a project.

“Now, that project’s going to proceed,” Mraz said.

In another matter involving Tryon, the board reviewed a revised site plan for medical marijuana manufacturer Vireo Health’s facility in the park. C.T. Male Associates of Latham submitted a revised site plan to the IDA for its review and approval. Mraz said the primary change is the location of a proposed second greenhouse.

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