Peace conference slated to continue today

FONDA — The 20th annual Kateri Peace Conference is scheduled to continue today, as people gather to discuss the current political and environmental state of the world.

The two day event will take place in both Albany and in Fonda.

The schedule of events began Friday at the First United Universalist Society of Albany located at 105 Washington Ave.

The conference will continue today, as usual, at the Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine in Fonda. The events will include community discussion, a peace writers contest, and several guest speakers including Rosemary Armao, Kathy Kelly, Ray McGovern, William Rivers Pitt, Ann Wright and Greta Zarbo.

This years theme will be “The Fierce Urgency of Now,” as community members, musicians, and guest speakers alike will gather to discuss the geopolitical climate of “now.”

“Kateri 2018 promises to provide another milestone on this continuing journey. Anchored in the realities of the geopolitical moment, this conference invites both presenters and participants to envision both greater clarity and purpose regarding ‘the now’ in the ‘tides of the affairs of men,'” co-coordinators John Amidon and Maureen Aumand said in a news release.

Friday’s events at the First United Universalist Society of Albany were set to include a community reflection from 1 to 4 p.m. led by Maureen Aumand, co-coordinator of the event followed by a community potluck at 4:30 p.m. A Hudson River cruise would then commence on the Dutch Apple from 7 to 10 p.m. with guest speakers and music provided by Sheri Bauer, Terri Roben and Mark Emanatian.

Todays events at the Kateri Tekakwitha will commence with registration and coffee at 8:30 a.m. followed by introductions by John Amidon and Maureen Aumand at 9 a.m. Guest speakers will then tackle various issues including “geopolitical imperatives,” “social and environmental imperatives” and “media imperatives,” according to the release. Music will be provided by Sheri Bauer and Terri Roben playing “songs of community and protest.” Lunch will be served at 11:45, according to the release. Admission today’s conference will be on a sliding scale for working adults, from $20 to $40, based on ability to pay. High school students will be admitted free of charge.

“Every August for the past twenty summers, the Kateri Shrine in Fonda has played host to the Kateri Peace Conference,” Amidon and Aumand said in the release. “Year after year, this mid-summer ‘meeting in the edge of the woods’ has offered the Capital District an opportunity to explore and to find a way forward through the tangled and ever entwining paths of racism, militarism and excessive materialism to the noble and sustainable ground of peace and justice.”.