Montgomery County sheriff candidate Glorioso charged with felony


FONDA — James Glorioso Jr., a candidate for Montgomery County sheriff was arrested Tuesday by New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation for first-degree offering a false instrument, a felony, for allegedly filing a petition knowingly with invalid signatures to run on the Conservative Party line.

Also arrested on Thursday was Kristen Lemire, 36, of Amsterdam for first-degree making a sworn false statement for taking part in the alleged scheme.

According to a news release, state police were contacted earlier this month by the Democratic and Republican Commissioners for the Montgomery County Board of Elections to conduct an investigation into an Opportunity to Ballot Petition that was submitted by Glorioso in order to run for sheriff on the Conservative Party line.

Earlier this month, an election official said 25 specific objections were filed against Glorioso’s ballot to run as a write-in candidate for the Conservative Party by Minden Supervisor Cheryl Reese. Law required that Glorioso have 34 signatures and he had 46 signatures, which was eight more needed. It was ruled by the Board of Elections that nine of the signatures were invalid.

According to the release, the Board of Commissioners were told that one signature on the petition was actually made by a relative of the signer instead of the signer.


Seven signatures on that page of the petition, including one in question, had allegedly been witnessed and notarized by Lemire. Investigation and interviews with five of those signers revealed that Glorioso himself had presented the petition to the voters and obtained their signatures.

However, one of those five denied any female talking with them and denied a female presence as they signed the petition. A female was observed in the vehicle Glorioso had arrived in, but that women remained in the vehicle, according to police.

Glorioso and Lemire were both issued appearance tickets returnable to the Mohawk Town Court on Sept. 12.

Glorioso gave a written statement on his arrest.

“Today I took the difficult step of surrendering myself to the New York State Police to answer a charge of offering false instrument for filing. It is a sad abuse of power of our law enforcement when a possible simple mistake is turned into a crime, all in an attempt for a headline to de-rail a positive campaign,” the statement reads. “This all stemmed from my opponent hiring a private eye to investigate the signature of the father who signed for his autistic son.”

According to the statement, Glorioso’s arrest will not force him to suspend his campaign.

“This makes me want to fight harder to win,” the statement reads. “I am not one of the political elites of this county, I am a hardworking citizen who has watched these types of scenarios play out on many citizens that don’t deserve it.”