Jeff Smith responds to arrest of Glorioso

Hired PI from Fulton County to investigate signatures

FONDA — Montgomery County Emergency Management Director and Montgomery County sheriff candidate Jeff Smith issued a written statement in response to the arrest of his opponent, James Glorioso Jr. Also arrested was Kristen Lemire.

“It is unfortunate that my opponent has gotten himself into this current situation,” his statement read. “My opponent filed an opportunity to ballot on the Conservative line with the Montgomery County Board of Elections in hopes to create a primary. After the hearing pertaining to the opportunity to ballot and the Board of Elections ruling in our favor, the Board of Elections contacted the New York State Police because of potential crimes being committed.”

Glorioso, 41, of Amsterdam was charged with first-degree offering false instrument filing for allegedly filing his petition with the county Board of Elections knowing that one of the signatures on the petition was not made by that voter, and that the signatures on the petition were not properly witnessed and notarized.

Lemire, 36, of Amsterdam was charged with first-degree making an apparently sworn false statement as she allegedly signed that each voter on the petition was duly sworn by her and signed the petition in her presence.

According to Smith’s statement, prior to the hearing, a private investigator was hired by his campaign for sheriff to investigate the signatures, but “not to dig up dirt on my opponent, not to ruin anyone’s reputation.”

“While we were looking at the petitions gathered in the process, there were things that were a concern to us, so we hired the private investigator,” Smith told the Leader-Herald on Thursday.

Smith said the PI is from Fulton County, and not from Montgomery County, therefore, the PI would remain unbiased in the investigation and so it would not be a part of the political process.

“We have not encouraged or made derogatory comments about my opponent or his supporters throughout this entire process, nor have we asked for him to step away from this election, “the statement read. “I will continue to work hard, communicate and share my message of experience, work ethic, work history and presence of relationships to be an effective leader.”

“We are both attempting to be an elected sheriff of Montgomery County. As a 30-year police officer, when alleged crime information is presented an investigation should be conducted. If these facts were to be ignored, shame on me,” Smith said in his written statement.