Gloversville Housing Authority makes changes to bylaws for clarifications, time frames

The Gloversville Housing Authority Board of Commissioners approved minor updates to the authority's bylaws during the Aug. 21 meeting. (The Leader-Herald/Ashley Onyon)

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Housing Authority updated the organization’s bylaws amidst routine facility improvements and lofty occupancy rates.

The GHA Board of Commissioners approved amendments to the authority’s bylaws during the Aug. 21 meeting following a committee review as directed by Chairman John Castiglione in February.

Board of Commissioners member Gail Ryan said the recommended changes primarily involved clarifying language included in the bylaws and correcting the timeframe for various duties to be carried out by board members.

“Nothing substantive, nothing that’s going to change it in any major way,” Ryan said.

Additionally, the schedule for the election of resident board members was updated to ensure the two residents selected by their fellow tenants to serve on the seven person board commence their two year terms in opposing years.

“Rather than having the terms of both elected members end in the same year,” Ryan explained. “That change will commence with the next required tenant election.”

Ryan who chaired the review committee said the recommended updates were also examined by GHA Executive Director Heather Reynolds and attorney Benjamin McGuire to ensure the changes are in compliance with the provisions of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and any other public housing requirements.

The board approved the updates to the bylaws by a vote of 5-0. Board of Commissioner members Jason Sweeney and Amanda Ossenfort were absent from the meeting.

In other news, Reynolds announced an average occupancy rate of 98 percent for the GHA’s three properties. Forest Hill Towers currently has an occupancy rate of 99.1 percent, DuBois Garden Apartments has a rate of 95.3 percent and Kingsboro Towers has a rate of 100 percent.

Reynolds thanked Building Maintenance Supervisor Joe Battaglia, Tenant Relations Assistant Linda Lizio and the GHA office and maintenance staff for their work that contributed to the authority’s substantial occupancy rates.

Both Lizio and Battaglia have focused on maintaining and improving offerings across the authority since stepping into their positions within the last year.

Lizio reported during the meeting that Catholic Charities will provide a free movie night including snacks for tenants at DuBois Garden Apartments on Sept. 14 at 8 p.m.

Additional movie screenings will be scheduled at Kingsboro and Forest Hill Towers for residents in coordination with the tenant association president at each building.

Battaglia announced that smoke detectors in apartments at Kingsboro will soon be replaced with notices due to go out to residents regarding access for maintenance personnel once the new units are received.

“I don’t think it will be too difficult, I think there’s maybe one or two in each apartment so we’ll try to get in there quick, install them and be out of there for you,” Battaglia said. “They’ll be coming in soon and we’ll give you guys plenty of notice beforehand.”

Smoke detectors at DuBois Gardens were replaced earlier this year at the same time that contractors installed replacement kitchen countertops.

Battaglia also reported that concrete sidewalk ledges around the exterior of Forest Hill will be repaired by the end of the month.