911 signs available in Bleecker

Pictured from left to right are Town Board members, Dave Bartholomew, Darren Smith, Town Clerk Toni Johnson, Supervisor David Howard, & Town Board member George Becker with the first batch of driveway number signs. (Photo submitted)

BLEECKER — Residents in the town will soon have better emergency coverage with the town board and Caroga Lake Volunteer Fire Company teaming up to provide reflective 911 signage for homes and businesses.

According to a news release, the fire company approached the Town Board recently and explained the difficulties they were having responding to some emergency calls.

Representatives of the fire company told board members that they had some problems in the recent past with locating residences.

“CLVFC has had some problems in the recent past with locating residences, particularly at night, and in bad weather, while responding to 911 calls for immediate assistance,” the release said. “CLVFC met with and explained this to the Bleecker Town Board, and a plan emerged.”

Since part of Bleecker is in the Caroga Lake Fire District, the representatives said they had had experience with reflective 911 signage in the Caroga Lake area.

“The 911 numbered driveway signs have worked out well in Caroga Lake for first responders,” the release said. “First responders, be they ambulance, fire, or police, have difficulty finding the correct residence in rural communities where houses are widespread and do not necessarily go in numerical order. This is challenging during the day and magnified at night and in bad weather.”

With the cooperation of Lowe’s in Amsterdam, the signs can be purchased through the town for $15, which will include the metal pole.

The fire company will then install the signage for the purchaser.

“We strongly recommend the free installation by Caroga Lake Fire because, after installing hundreds in Caroga Lake, they know where to install the sign for visibility and where it is protected from snow plows,” the release said. “The Caroga firefighters will work with homeowners to find the best installation location. The signs are kept at a low, breakeven price due to a generous discount by Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in Amsterdam, –store managers Miguel Rincon and Shirley Robison — for the steel posts, and by using all volunteer labor making up the signs and installing them.”

Town Clerk Toni Johnson said in the release that the board recommends everyone in the town to try and purchase one of the signs.

“The quick and sure arrival of first responders with medical equipment could save your life or that of a family member. Nobody wants the ambulance to speed past their driveway because the driver could not see your small non-reflective number at night,” she said in the release. “Your family’s safety is worth a $15 driveway sign-installed for free.”

For more information, or to purchase a sign, call Johnson at (518) 725-8382.