Sean Craig Memorial Fund, Taylor Made team up to promote safe boating

Sean Craig Memorial Fund, Taylor Made team up to provide first set of life rings

Greg Heck of Alpin Haus, Cameron Oathout of Taylor Made Products, Brandon Craig of the Sean Craig Memorial Fund Inc, Brandon Bills of Alpin Haus and Nicole Heck of Alpin Haus pose with one of the donated flotation devices. (Photo submitted)

You may notice a new addition to some of the docks around the Great Sacandaga Lake this summer. Newly installed Life Rings can now be found at places like area restaurants, marinas and parks, all thanks to the ongoing Dock Safety Project, created by Sean Craig Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Dock Safety Project is being launched during National Safe Boating Week, which begins this weekend. The family of Sean Craig, who drowned on the Sacandaga Lake close to two years ago, say they want to be able to provide adequate equipment that can aid someone involved in an accidental drowning. Sean’s mother, Theresa DaBiere-Craig, said their main goal is to help decrease the chances of another family having to endure this type of tragedy.

“Our mission is to provide resources for water safety, including water recreation safety. It takes one second for things to become an unsafe situation. We want people to have fun and to enjoy the lake, but we want them to be safe,” said DaBiere-Craig.

The project centers around installing Life Rings, which are flotation devices that connect to a 60-foot line anchored into a post. The idea is to follow the Red Cross rule that states in the case of a person drowning, onlookers should not enter the water, but instead “Reach, Throw, and Don’t Go.” Placing these devices in areas where people may be walking will give those enjoying the water an available resource to someone who may be in trouble. DaBiere -Craig said she and her family have noticed them in other places while on vacation and thought it was time to bring them to not only the lake, but any place in the Fulton County and Saratoga regions that contain a body of water.

“We want to work with all of these areas that have many bodies of water. Even places where there are pools. A drowning can happen in any amount of water,” said DaBiere-Craig.

Taylor Made Products, which donated the first 12 rings, and Alpin Haus have teamed up with the Sean Craig Fund during National Safe Boating Week in an effort to encourage boaters and marinas to be mindful of safety during the upcoming boating season. The first installment of the Life Rings will happen this weekend.

Last year, the fund raised enough for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department to purchase a $30,000 state of the art sonar scanner, a vital tool for emergency responders. The board for the Sean Craig Memorial Fund is hoping to raise enough money to keep the project going. Their upcoming golf tournament is something they are depending on to bring in needed funding. The event will be held at Fox Run Golf Course on June 15, starting at noon. The fee is $100 per player and includes dinner. DaBiere-Craig said they are hoping for a good turnout so that they may continue their mission of providing education and resources to those who enjoy the water.

“The community has continued to come out and show support and I offer my heartfelt thanks to them. We are just the catalyst, it’s really about the community,” said DaBiere-Craig.

Complete a sign up form or sign up by calling Fox Run at (518) 762-3717. Any waterfront venue in the region that wants to participate in the Life Ring project is encouraged to contact the Sean Craig Memorial Fund Inc at (518) 441-8713. You can also visit for information on staying safe on the water.