Man arrested in Maryland for stealing Ephratah firetruck

EPHRATAH — A Frankfort resident faces several charges in Maryland and a grand larceny count in Fulton County after allegedly stealing an Ephratah Volunteer Fire Department brush truck.

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino said the truck was taken sometime Sunday and was found early Tuesday. The truck was found on Elm Street in Cumberland, Maryland.

Claude Emmerson Bruce, 25, of Frankfort, was charged by Cumberland Police with four counts of theft over $100,000 and four additional traffic related charges including operating without a license, operating on suspended out-of-state license, driving a vehicle without owner’s consent and taking a vehicle without owner’s consent.

Bruce was taken into custody and arraigned in Maryland on a warrant from New York charging him with grand larceny. He is being held on a $20,000 bond in Maryland charges, and held without bond on the New York arrest warrant.

Giardino said Bruce was a member of the Ephratah Volunteer Fire Department, so he had access to the facility, which is how he was able to take the brush truck. He said Bruce allegedly stole the truck to drive to Cumberland, Maryland to meet with someone he met on social media.

When Cumberland Police found the 2004 F-360 truck in the 600 block of Elm Street in Cumberland, but at that time Bruce could not be located.

Dispatchers had found social media information leading to a nearby police to a nearby residence where Bruce was found.

“Credit goes to the dispatchers,” Giardino said.

The truck which is valued at $125,000 will be returned to the Ephratah Volunteer Fire Department.