County government seeking to fill 30 positions including seasonal help

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County government department heads requested the filling of over 30 positions last week, including for summer highway and landfill help.

The Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee reviewed filling vacancies from four department heads, all of which gained approval at the County Office Building.

Sheriff Richard Giardino received permission to fill a deputy position due to an anticipated lateral to another agency during March. The salary will be at a one-year rate of $40,036.

Giardino also received approval to fill one permanent and two temporary emergency services dispatcher vacancies. The start rate is $16.24 per hour, with a permanent rate of $19.11 per hour.

Department of Social Services Commissioner Sheryda Cooper requested permission to fill the following positions: permanent senior financial investigator, temporary and permanent financial investigators, two temporary social welfare examiner posts, and one permanent caseworker and one temporary caseworker.

“We have another financial investigator that’s going to be retiring at the end of March,” Cooper said.

She said the salary for the position is $34,695. The county is reimbursed at an 83 percent rate.

Highways and Facilities Superintendent Mark Yost received permission to fill a $32,747 senior account clerk position.

“The former senior account clerk has transferred to personnel,” he said.

Yost also had approved 10 temporary laborers for highway and four temporary laborer for facilities. Workers earn $13.69 per hour. The highway laborers will be involved in mowing, picking litter and providing flagging on maintenance projects this summer. Facilities’ laborers will mow and do general maintenance.

Deputy Director of Solid Waste/Operations David Rhodes received authorization to backfill a deputy director of operations position. This is an appointed non-union managerial position with a base pay of $62,900 and a one-year rate of $74,000.

Four per diem temporary laborer position will also be filled to serve as summer help for the county Department of Solid Waste at a current rate of $13.69 per hour, from May to September. Duties include: grounds maintenance, working at recycling, general repair work, sweeping, cleaning, and refurbishing work.

“It’s in the 2018 budget,” Rhodes said.

Authorization was also granted to backfill a Broadalbin transfer station attendant position on a temporary basis.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at