11-year-old arrested for school threats

GLOVERSVILLE — City police were called to Gloversville Middle School Tuesday after a student had an altercation with staff and made a threat against the school.

A press release issued by city police Wednesday said that a patrol unit was called to the middle school Tuesday for an 11-year-old juvenile student that had made a threat to “shoot up the school.”

Investigating officers found that the student had an altercation with building staff members and then made the threat against the school.

The Gloversville Police Department Detective Division investigated the complaint and forwarded juvenile delinquent referral and arrest paperwork to the Fulton County Probation Office for the offense of making a terroristic threat. If committed by an adult, the charge would constitute a class D felony.

City police said that the incident involving the 11-year-old student was not related to the supposed threat of a school shooting targeting the middle school on Monday made on social media over the weekend.

City police issued a separate press release Wednesday regarding Monday’s supposed threat. The release states that the Gloversville Police Department Patrol Unit received a complaint on Friday about a school shooting threat that would take place at the middle school on Monday.

Investigating officers deemed the threat not credible, with witnesses and officers unable to identify an original or specific social media post threatening violence against the school.

“Basically, there was a rumor that there was going to be some sort of school shooting at the middle school. They gave a date, but no one could point us to the source,” Police Chief Marc Porter said Monday. “There was no post that I’m aware of. If anyone has further information please feel free to share it.”

In a precautionary measure, officers were present on school campuses Monday to provide reassurance to students and staff.

The statement from police says that officers followed up all leads relating to the threat starting Friday through Tuesday. City police were assisted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the New York State Intelligence Center, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police.

“Through all of the investigative leads by all the involved agencies, it has been determined that there was no evidence of a credible threat to students or staff at the Gloversville Enlarged School District,” the statement from police read.