NLH considering Broadalbin center

BROADALBIN — Nathan Littauer Hospital is looking to open a new Primary Care Center.

Nathan Littauer Hospital is currently planning to open its 11th Primary Care Center on a property on Eagle Mills Road near the corner of Route 29 in Broadalbin.

NLH President and Chief Executive Officer Laurence Kelly said Wednesday, that the hospital looked at 10 different sites around the town before deciding on that location.

Kelly said the floor plan of the proposed building will be almost exactly the same floor plan as the village of Fonda. The 5,100-square-foot Fonda center that opened in August features six exam rooms, a treatment area, a lab with three blood-drawing stations, three practitioners’ offices, nurses’ offices and a waiting room.

“We said everybody likes the layout and how it works. We have enough space, and the right space in Fonda, so let’s do that,” he said.

Kelly said the town of Broadalbin is a geographically large area that has the potential for significant growth over the next decade.

“The whole idea is to bring primary care to where people live and keep them as healthy as you can by providing that primary care,” Kelly said.

He said the idea behind the building is to offer something that can meet the needs of the area now, with the potential for growth in the future as demand grows. The outside details will be different in Broadalbin however, since the detail work in Fonda was based on the village’s industrial history.

Kelly said the planned Broadalbin center will employ physicians, nurse practitioners or assistants along with support staff. The center will also offer blood and specimen collection on site.

Broadalbin would also house the on site pharmacy system. Littauer Primary Care Centers use a system where people can drop off their prescriptions in the morning, have NLH Primary Care Center staff fax it over to the hospital where it will be filled, and a courier brings the medication back to the original site for pickup by the patient.

“It’s a very convenient service that is easy for us to provide, since our couriers are going back and forth anyways,” Kelly said.

Kelly said this system began in Speculator and is currently in place at several of the primary centers.

The state Department of Health needs to approve the application of need that was sent in by NLH. In addition, the town needs to approve the plans.

Kelly said there is the possibility that ground could be broken in May or June of this year, with a potential opening in Feb. 2019.

Kelly said being where people live and making access convenient to them, will mean more people getting health care they need and not putting off appointments.

“Bringing health care out to the community has always been part of our mission. That’s why we have 10 centers now,” Kelly said.

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