Mom drunk 6 times legal limit; baby burned


GLOVERSVILLE — A city woman has been arrested after city police said her 4-month-old infant was found with untreated second- and third-degree burns on its head.

Stephanie N. Wilson, 32, of 5 Fremont St., Apartment 206 was charged with endangering the welfare of a child on Jan. 4.

Officers said Wilson was arrested on an active warrant for endangering the welfare of a child, following an investigation by Gloversville police.

Police responded to a call of a suspicious noise at Wilson’s address, after a neighbor heard a loud noise. When officers arrived on scene, they knocked on Wilson’s apartment door for approximately 20 minutes, with no answer.

Officers could hear the sounds of an infant crying from within the apartment, and were making arrangements to enter. At that time, Wilson answered the door in an extremely intoxicated state. Officers noted that she could barely stand, sit up or even speak. They also observed a 4-month-old infant in the residence as well, with severe burns to its head. Both the infant and Wilson were transported to Nathan Littauer Hospital emergency room.

After blood tests, it was found that Wilson had a blood-alcohol content of 0.477 percent; nearly six times the legal limit of what New York state considers intoxicated, and above the threshold of possible death due to alcohol poisoning.

Hospital staff treated the infant, who was found to have second- and third-degree burns to its head; all of which were untreated. It is unknown when the infant suffered the injury, but it was evident that the infant was not taken to the hospital, for treatment.

Wilson is presently incarcerated at Fulton County Jail on $750 cash bail or $5,000 bail bond.