Big plans for little historic store

The Northville 5 and 10 is seen on Monday. (The Leader-Herald/Patricia Older)

NORTHVILLE — The Northville 5 and 10 store has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the State Regional Economic Development Coiuncil, which will go towards renovations for the historic store, along with renovations for the building next door at 132 S. Main St.

“[I’m] proud that we got it. We beat the odds and we are very fortunate to have gotten [the grant,]” said Brian Correll, owner of the Northville 5 and 10 store.

Correll said they will hopefully receive the confirmation letter by the end of January or February. He added that the project probably won’t get the grant money until late March.

Correll added that there is still a lot to get done before renovations can begin. He said they have to get contractors and may have to reach outside the area.

“I’m hoping we can start doing renovations by April, sooner if possible,” Correll said.

Renovations being made include expanding the space upstairs in the 5 and 10 store by another 3,000 square feet. Correll said they plan to expand retail space by putting more clothing for young children and women upstairs. There will also be supplies for hunting, but there will not be any guns or ammunition. Also going upstairs will be a space for public events.

“If an organization is having a meeting or if there is a birthday party, we will have a space to cater to them,” Correll said.

Other renovations will include the 132 S. Main St. building, which will become a restaurant, a bakery and a tea room downstairs. Upstairs there will be two offices, a one-bedroom apartment and storage space.

“I’m hoping it will become a destination for people to stop and eat some place different,” Correll said.

Correll said the first thing to be renovated is the foundation to 132 S. Main St. He said as that is being done, in the 5 and 10 building workers could be installing new windows, heating system and framing wood work. Correll said if work is being done simultaneously, it could possibly speed up renovation time.

He said they would then put a new roof on 132 S. Main St. and once that is done, they could start working on the interior.

“We’re very excited,” Correll said. “We’ve gotten tremendous support from the community.”