Smart Waters moves forward

Project to bring city water to Johnstown

JOHNSTOWN — The city Water Board approved initial support for a Fulton County Smart Waters project — and finalized a new water clerk deal — at a special meeting Thursday at the Water Department.

Board Vice President George DiMarco said Friday the board passed a resolution involving negotiations for a county Smart Waters project. The project involves agreeing to provide Johnstown water so the county can prepare cost estimates to extend a waterline from the city of Gloversville to the county’s waterline on Route 67.

“We agreed in concept,” DiMarco stated.

The resolution states that he can, on behalf of the Johnstown Water Board and along with the city of Johnstown, begin contract negotiations with Fulton County.

City officials during Monday’s Common Council meeting also acknowledged they are working with Fulton County to provide city water for the potential project. The council passed a resolution to have Mayor Vern Jackson — on behalf of the city and Johnstown Water Board — commence negotiations with the county regarding the Smart Waters project.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors will consider authorizing a “Smart Waters” memorandum of agreement between the county and the city of Johnstown at 1 p.m. Thursday at the County Office Building.

The project relates to increasing water services on Route 67. Fulton County desires to increase the number of customers using water from its Route 67 waterline. The county wants to also decrease costs of water to existing waterline customers.

In other business during its special meeting, the water board passed a resolution for a new term for city Water Clerk Barbara Koehler, who started in September 2016. She was appointed to a two-year term, commencing Jan. 1, 2018 and running until Dec. 31, 2019, at a base salary of $40,800. The clerk earns 10 vacation days during the new appointment.

DiMarco said the board is “still negotiating” on a possible agreement with Master Meter Co. During the summer, it was reported there was a recall to replace meter equipment originally supplied to Johnstown water customers by the Texas firm. DiMarco at the time said the problem only impacted a handful of the 3,900 water meters in the city, for which the board is negotiating for new meter installations.

“We ‘re not going to do anything until spring,” DiMarco said.

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