From out of the flames

Congregation seeks new home

A fully involved structure fire at the Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Church in Fultonville on 3/14. (Photo courtesy of Joe Olechowski)

FONDA — Even though the fire that occurred in March at Fonda-Fultonville United Methodist Church burned the church to the ground and devastated the community, the congregation of 30 to 35 members are remaining strong.

Since the fire occurred, the congregation has been meeting at Glen Town Hall at 7 Erie St., Fultonville and have ongoing plans to either rebuild a church or use an existing building as their church.

“We’re moving forward, this is the strongest we’ve been, said Tim Preddice, chairman of Fonda-Fultonville UMC Administrative council. “The villages of Fonda and Fultonville need a church.”

“I would like to thank the community for supporting us with many Brook’s barbecues we had over the year to earn money and make this project a reality,” said Bonnie Couture, a member of the church.

The church will not be at the location where it stood for 160 years. Preddice said that church lot is currently up for sale.

He said they would like to get out of the flood plain and expand parking so they don’t have to park on the street. Preddice said they also would like to make the church for the greater region rather than just Fonda-Fultonville.

“We would like to be more visible and have more parking,” Couture said.

Preddice said they have been actively searching for the new location for the church and have a location in mind. He said they would first have to get approval from approval from the Albany District Building and Location Committee and Bishop Mark Webb before they take any actions regarding the church.

“We’re all very eager to find a place so we can start having our annual dinners and events,” Couture said.