Family brings Christmas cheer with holiday singing group

Family singing group called "God's Little Angels", from left, Arianna George, Tina George, Natasha George, Paige Haak, Elizabeth George and Addie Forsey pose for photos. (Photo submitted by Tracy Fiume)

JOHNSTOWN — A group of girls called “God’s Little Angels” spread some Christmas cheer as they performed a Christmas show for some local residents in the community on Saturday.

Tina George, who started the group, said she did it with her daughters when they were children. Now her granddaughter voluntarily put on the one-hour Christmas show for the residents for the past few years.

For their Christmas show, the ladies choreograph their own routines, as they sing songs they selected themselves. George said the group dedicate their time to rehearsals and coming up with the choreography for their routines.

“These young ladies love performing and truly enjoy putting smiles on their audiences’ faces,” George said. “The girls also hope to make their holidays a little brighter.”

George said Walmart donated a karaoke machine for the event and Pizza Hut gave them lunch on Saturday. George said her friend, Tracy Fiume also volunteered to take photos of the performances.

“I hope they have a good time,” Fiume said. “The girls want everyone to enjoy what they are doing.”

“Every year we get a little bigger and better,” George said.

The group put on a 1-hour Christmas show at the following locations:

∫ Willing Helpers Home.

∫ Trackside Homes.

∫ Hillside Apartments.

∫Fonda Terris Apartments.