Behind bars

Boyd Wells

FONDA — The handcuffed man who escaped from police custody — while being brought to court on a probation violation, resulting in a massive, more than 24-hour manhunt — was sentenced to prison earlier this week.

Boyd Wells was sentenced to two years in prison for violating probation and then fleeing from police custody into the woods.

The soon-to-be dad, pleaded guilty in October to felony escape and the probation violation and admitted that he fled the courthouse after a court appearance on July 27.

Wells was to appear in Montgomery County court in front of Judge Felix Catena on July 27. As Wells was being escorted to the police car by New York State Police and a Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy with another inmate, he bolted from the police with his handcuffs still on.

Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies initiated an intensive search involving K9s, helicopters, police and family. Schools and government offices were also on lockdown during that time.

Wells hid in the woods near the courthouse and came out when he recognized one of his family members. His family drove him to the sheriff’s department where he turned himself in.

Judge Felix Cantena legally could not make a comment regarding the case and District Attorney Kelli McCoski was not available for comment on Friday.