Tryon Tech Park getting spruced up for pro-marketing purposes

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency has been busy in recent weeks sprucing up its Tryon Technology Park, as was recommended by site selectors.

Fulton County, the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth and National Grid brought international site selectors Dennis Donovan of New Jersey, Jay Garner of Georgia and Jim Renzas of California to the county from Sept. 6-8. Among their recommendations was to immediately beautify and clear brush from the Tryon Technology Park in Perth, which the IDA owns.

IDA Executive Director James Mraz told his board Tuesday at the Fort Johnstown Annex that the agency has been working to improve the “visual appearance” at Tryon.

“It’s a direct response from the feedback we got from the site selectors,” Mraz said.

The Tryon park on County Highway 107 has one main full-time tenant — medical marijuana manufacturer Vireo Health. But the IDA and county are working toward making the park more presentable, while creating shovel-ready sites for businesses.

Mraz said two county departments — Highways and Facilities, and Solid Waste — recently spent over two weeks cutting down a number of trees at Tryon. He said fences were taken down and workers have been cutting down trees so site selectors and companies can see the land and sites available. Crews have also cut down underbrush and high grass in several areas, and demolishing more buildup.

An opportunity became available to cut the underbrush in areas mentioned by the site selectors. Mraz e-mailed IDA board members about the opportunity and he said a “significant area” was cut Oct. 21-22. The IDA on Tuesday authorized a $1,000 payment to Edmond Hammonds for work performed. Mraz said these areas will be added to areas to be regularly mowed in 2018.

The IDA on Tuesday also discussed electric service at the Tryon park

Mraz said he met with Tom’s Electric to go over a plan to replace overhead fuses. He said work will require shutting down power to Tryon, and this needs to coordinated this with Vireo. He said the hope is to complete the work in November.

The IDA discussed damaged electrical switchgear at Tryon. One of the switchgear units malfunctioned in January and was damaged. Power was lost and emergency repairs were made by Current Electric. Workers at the time switched the circuit feeding the Tryon park from the damaged switchgear to one of the other functioning switchgears, but the damaged switchgear wasn’t repaired.

Mraz said he met with Current Electric to discuss repairing this switchgear and two options emerged.

He said the IDA can keep two operating circuits and continue to utilize the two remaining switchgears. He said the agency can repair the damaged switchgear so spare is available in the event another switchgear is damaged. He said the IDA could also get all electric users onto one circuit that would use one switchgear. The second switchgear could then be the spare to use in the event another one gets damaged.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at