Two students in separate incidents bring guns to school

GLOVERSVILLE — Two students in the Enlarged Gloversville School District brought pellet guns to school on Wednesday – one at Gloversville Middle School and the other at Gloversville High School.

An 18-year-old student at Gloversville High School has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on school grounds after he brought a CO2-powered BB gun to school Wednesday.

Evan E. Cutler of 85 Freemont St., was charged in the 2:10 p.m. incident at the high school.

Gloversville Police Capt. Mike Scott said the gun Cutler had never made it into the school and that staff discovered the weapon.

In the second incident, according to the Gloversville Enlarged School District’s website, a middle school student brought an unloaded pellet gun to the school in his bookbag.

Several students reported seeing the unnamed juvenile with the gun and reported it to staff members.

The school immediately notified the Gloversville Police Department, and the school principal, Mark Batty, located the teen and found the weapon in his bookbag that was in his locker. The weapon was immediately confiscated. Police interviewed the student and investigated the incident.

According the release, while the gun was not loaded, the teen also had a box of pellets in the bookbag.

According to the release, no one at the school was threatened or harmed in the incident.

Bringing any kind of weapon into school property violates district policy and is not tolerated, Batty said in the release and the student who brought the weapon into the building will be disciplined in accordance with the school district’s Code of Conduct.

Gloversville Middle School’s primary concern is student safety, Batty said in the release, commending the students who reported the weapon “for doing the right thing which helped school officials and the Gloversville police to take action and get the situation under control.”

When it comes to incidents involving weapons at the school, Scott said, “They are very rare.”

He said the two incidents were not related and since the middle school student is a minor, he could not give any information regarding the student or the incident.